The last stop is where life truly begins.

This is a community travel blog for everyone who wants to show the world the most desolate, beautiful, moments of their life.

The Laststopping philosophy has its origins in cold Russian winter nights, where adventurous souls travel to the end of the metro line in Moscow to catch a glimpse of real Russia and drink the night away in foreign environs.

It has since evolved through the actions of hundreds of people in numerous countries to imply a life long desire to seek out situations, places, and emotional experiences where the Last Stopper can experience being "the other," whether that be at the end of the line, the end of the earth, or at the end of sanity, love, and beauty. Travel not required, but it does help. Call it a turning point, an end of the world, or something that moved you, whatever it is, please share your pictures, video, or words with us.

This site has been created to catalog the world's geographical, spiritual, and emotional Last Stops - please share yours with us, click on "post a last stop" below!

"Do you ever wonder what lives just beyond where your eyes can touch? Do you ever wonder if you would love it there?" -Tyler Knott


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    I miss this view, though I don’t miss Al-Tereh Street.
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    لو أنّني أسيرُ إليكِ يا رام الله =”)
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